In the surroundings of Terre di Mezzo Country House it is possible to follow itineraries that for their natural beauty represent a pleasure for the eyes …

Acciaroli, together with Pioppi, is a fraction of the municipality of Pollica which is located in the Cilento National Park.

Acciaroli is a small and splendid seaside village and a portion of the coast with the clearest waters of the Tyrrhenian Sea.

The transparent sea of ​​Acciaroli has obtained, for many years, the very important recognition of the “5 sails” of Legambiente as well as the “blue flag” of the beaches. The historic center is characterized by small paths and charming stone houses, while its ancient tourist port is the cornerstone of its connections, in fact, every day there are departures for Salerno and other places on the Cilento coast.

Acciaroli is a place so unique that it was also chosen by the nobel prize winner Ernest Hemingway who stayed in some periods during his travels in Italy.

Pioppi is a seaside resort in the municipality of Pollica, located along the coast in a small inlet sheltered by the hills. The town, a characteristic Cilento village, is a renowned tourist resort: the purity of its waters and its beach have been awarded the Blue Flag and the 5 sails of Legambiente.

Pioppi, like the nearby Acciaroli, enjoys equal natural attractions such as the Saracen watchtower, as well as cultural ones, in fact it is possible to visit the Church of Santa Maria dei Pioppi and the Vinciprova Castle built in the 1600s, built by the Ripoli di Pollica family . Passed from the Vinciprova to the municipality, the building has become the seat of the Vivo del Mare Museum consisting of eight tanks in which you can observe the most varied species of fish that live in the Cilento sea. Among these, the most curious and appreciated by visitors is the Tattile tank where you can touch fish and shellfish.

Pioppi also hosts the Mediterranean Diet festival, now famous all over the world. This diet was created in Pioppi where the American physiologist Ancel Keys, observing the eating habits of the local inhabitants, theorized the advantages of healthy eating on the quality and longer life span.

A country rich in history and natural beauty that is worth visiting and experiencing in all its many shades!

Since 1987 Pollica has enjoyed great recognition such as the Blue Flag of Europe, the Five Sails of the Touring Club; in 2006 it was ranked first as the best tourist municipality in Italy with the “Vacanzometro”, an award established by Gente magazine; in the same year, he won the first prize for Cities for Green, thanks to the continuous redevelopment of degraded areas and coastal areas, as well as, for the numerous environmental education campaigns carried out through projects and events.

Arriving in Pollica, in addition to enjoying the beautiful beaches of Acciaroli and Pioppi, it is possible to range from gastronomy to culture, of considerable tourist interest, in fact, are the Capano Castle with its mighty medieval tower from 1290 and the Franciscan Convent of S. Maria delle Grazie from 1611.

The summers of Pollica are animated by various festivals, as well as by night clubs, restaurants and taverns where you can taste all the typical Cilento products. Even for accommodation Pollica has nothing to envy: in fact, numerous accommodations are ready to welcome the hundreds of tourists who populate the beautiful Cilento country every year.

In short, there is just everything required to spend a fantastic holiday!